This is the personal site of Seth Porges.

I am a writer, editor, producer, and technology entrepreneur based in New York City and Upstate New York. Mostly, I appear on a few TV shows and sometimes write for magazines. I also do other bits of work related to technology, science, and the media. Here's a brief rundown on some of my recent projects.

I appear on a bunch of TV shows, mostly talking about science, technology, history, and the intersection of these amazing topics.

Series regular (in-production):
-Travel Channel: Mysteries of the Museum (Optomen, 2014-present)
-Travel Channel: Mysteries at the Castle (Optomen, 2014-present)
-Science Channel: What On Earth? (WagTV, 2015-present)
-Science Channel: Nasa’s Unexplained Files (WagTV, 2016-present)
-NYC Fox 5: Resident tech expert. Appear regularly across news programs.

In the past, I have appeared on the following shows (many of which are still airing, forever capturing my youth on basic cable):
-Fox: Superhuman (Endemol Shine, 2017)
-Travel Channel: The World’s Most Extreme (Arrow Media, 2014)
-National Geographic: Brain Games (Atomic): 2014
-Smithsonian Channel: My Million Dollar Idea (Nutopia, 2015)
-National Geographic: The ‘80s: The Decade That Made Us (Nutopia, 2013)
-Discovery: How We Invented The World (Nutopia, 2012):
-History: Christmas Through The Decades (TV Dinner, 2015)
-History: 101 Gadgets That Changed The World (JWM, 2011)
-History/H2: 101 Objects That Changed The World (JWM, 2013)
-History/H2: 101 Inventions That Changed The World (JWM, 2013)
-History/H2: United Stuff of America (Leftfield Pictures, 2014-2015)
-Military: History Timelines (WagTV, 2013-2014)
-Science Channel: Brink (2008-2009)

Broadcast reel:

I write for a bunch of magazines. Mostly about technology, but also about products, cars, spirits, science, history, and any other topic I find fun and interesting.

Contribute to (current):
Bloomberg News (where I write a column about science and technology)
Forbes (where I write about a lot of things, including tech)
InStyle (mostly print)
Entrepreneur mag (mostly print)
New York mag (all sorts of fun stuff, including tech)
Departures (mostly print, lots of products and tech)

Mashable (tech and cars)
Men's Journal (mostly print: tech and products)

Less so these days, but perhaps still a small bit for some:
Rolling Stone, Self, Fast Company, Maxim, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Gawker, Architectural Digest, Gizmodo

Where I used to work as an editor (staff):
Maxim (senior editor)
Popular Mechanics (associate technology editor)
Men's Health (assistant editor)

I also often appear in the news or in various publications, mostly talking about technology and science. You can click here to see some of the latest.

-The World's Most Insane Amusement Park
I produced this little documentary about Action Park, the most dangerous amusement park the world has ever seen. (It's embedded below if you care to watch).

-When Pinball Was Illegal
I narrated and starred in this great little New York Times documentary short about the history of pinball.

I have a tiny little place in Upstate New York called the Glass House. It has gotten quite a bit of attention as of late and seems to make its many visitors very happy. 
You can see it and read about it in The New York Times, or see the segment The Today Show produced about it. You can even stay at it, if you so please. 

I am working on numerous projects related to using emerging concepts in neuroscience to build non-invasive and non-contact biometrics systems that allow us to read emotions and related constructs with specificity and with accuracy. You can see a bit about this work here

Contact me!
I can be found on Twitter (@sethporges) and on Facebook.
For personal inquiries or to discuss bookings or freelance assignments, I can be reached at: sethporges (at) gmail  com  
If you are looking to send me press releases or the like, please email me at seth.c.porges (at) gmail  com

Lastly, here's the documentary short that I produced about Action Park. It's probably my favorite thing I've ever been a part of: